Sour Power Crate 4.0


The picture will be updated as soon as possible. Below you can already find the contents of this box.

This crate contains the following items:

  • Dr. Sour Blast Balls Stand-Up Bag 75 gr
  • Wonka Nerds Rainbow
  • Skittles stazak Crazy Sours 174 gr
  • Sour Patch Kids Extreme 99 gr
  • Toxic Waste Yellow Sour Candy Drum
  • Zed Bag Sour Jawbreaker 132 gr
  • Dr. Sour Watermelon Chew Bar 50 gr
  • Dr. Sour Blast Balls Theatre Box 90 gr
  • Toxic Waste Sour Atomz 60 gr
  • Toxic Waste Apple Chew Bar
  • Toxic Waste Blue Raspberry Chew Bar
  • Dr. Sour Dip 'n Shake 21 gr

When specific items are out of stock they can be replaced by a comparable alternative of at least the same retail value. When the change is to significant you will be contacted with a list of solutions to accomodate your needs as much as possible.

Crate(kist) is only for display and is not included in this package!

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